Are You Taking Control of Workplace Risk Across Your Enterprise?

EHS professionals know that workplace risks are everywhere. And even if you can get an accurate assessment of all the potential sources of your risk, prioritizing and controlling them is a huge challenge, especially across multiple facilities, with complex processes and a variety of equipment.
VelocityEHS Risk Management is a single cloud solution that helps your business do it all, across your entire enterprise. The software lets your teams quickly and easily perform bowtie analyses, giving them a comprehensive view of workplace risk and engaging employees to take an active role in safety at your organization.

Just as importantly, you can create automated workflows and access real-time, aggregated reporting on the performance of all your facilities. It’s the control and visibility you need, within a simple dashboard view, to document performance and drive continuous improvement. 

VelocityEHS offers capabilities to help you meet your risk management goals.
  • Risk Analysis – Accurately identify & assess risk in your work environment.
  • Risk Verification – Prioritize risks to systematically control them.
  • Risk Assurance – Harmonize risk activities by giving employees at every level the information they need.
Easily and accurately assess and control operational risks—to protect your most valuable assets—with Risk Management software from VelocityEHS! See what this software can do for your organization by requesting a demo.

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