VelocityEHS Introduces New Industrial Ergonomics Innovations

VelocityEHS Industrial Ergonomics is an all-in-one solution that allows companies to deploy, monitor and manage a sustainable ergonomics process across their entire enterprise. Along with online training and powerful program management, the expert-supported solution empowers users with unique sensorless A.I. motion-capture technology that quickly collects real-time risk assessment data with the camera on any mobile device.

In a continuous effort to support customers with the latest innovations, VelocityEHS has announced recent enhancements to their Industrial Ergonomics motion capture technology.

These include:
•    Location-based privacy options and settings, including the ability to blur video to keep employees' identities & sensitive IP material out of the video assessment. 
•    Greater support for seated jobs, with the ability to remove leg data to assess the upper body only & to promote accessibility.
•    User interface & usability upgrades to the entire workflow process and updated guidance for motion-capture technology support & data collection. 
•    Improved accuracy of risk assessment tools based on the latest research.
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