NAEM Report: Why Companies Replace Their EHS&S Software Systems

Download this complimentary report to gain insights on replacing an EHS&S data management system.

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Download NAEM’s report for information about why companies need to replace their EHS&S software, and how to choose the best system to fit their own unique and individual needs.

The report sheds light on the software purchase process by revealing the reasons why companies return to the market and the underlying management challenges that often lead to issues with the customer experience. The results also help EHS&S leaders spot the early signs of user disengagement, diagnose issues with how they are managing their system, and successfully lead the new selection process.

VelocityEHS is a sponsor of the report, which you can download at no cost by filling out the form above. It will help answer common purchase decision questions, including:

• How are my peers selecting and managing their EHS and sustainability software systems?
• What are the key purchase drivers and critical business objectives for the software systems?
• What are the biggest gaps in user satisfaction?
• What lessons have my peers learned from undergoing the software system purchase and implementation process?