Guide to Labeling Small Containers

“You asked, and we listened! We wrote this guide in response to requests from EHS professionals just like you. Finally, get the guidance you need to solve the compliance challenges of small container labeling!  

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HazCom continues to rank as OSHA’s 2nd most frequently cited standard, and labeling is a particularly vexing issue, especially when it comes to knowing what OSHA does or doesn’t allow when it comes to labeling small containers. Even worse, it can be difficult to find OSHA’s available guidance on this issue. Our new guide helps you manage your small container labeling obligations by compiling OSHA’s most important and relevant guidance in one place. By using this guide, you’ll be able to reduce anxiety around small container labeling and improve your overall HazCom management.

By downloading and using our guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Manufacturer options for shipped labels for small containers
  • Employer workplace labeling options for small containers
  • Special challenges for laboratories
  • Strategies and technological resources for overcoming challenges

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