VelocityEHS Industrial Hygiene Product Demo

11:00am ET

Register for our upcoming webinar to view a live product demo of our IH solution. See for yourself just how simple IH program management can be with VelocityEHS!

The good news is that whether you’re a veteran CIH or an EHS professional who has inherited an IH program in need of quick improvements, the VelocityEHS IH product is designed to help you succeed.

We understand that the field of Industrial Hygiene (IH) is at a crossroads. Your need to assess and manage workplace hazards is greater than ever, yet the number of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) and corporate investment needed to support traditional IH programs have been in steady decline. As a result, you may be relying on technicians, safety generalists or other EHS personnel to manage critical IH functions, or even be forced to outsource a majority of your program to costly third-party consultants. That's why we designed our solution to be much more than just a repository for IH data. It's a powerful tool that gives you the guidance and support you need to plan and manage an IH program from the ground up.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to see VelocityEHS IH in action!

IH Software Features & Benefits:

  • No need to be a Certified Industrial Hygienist! Our simple and intuitive software design means anybody can manage a robust IH program
  • Like other VelocityEHS software products, the IH product can be quickly and easily added to your existing solution in as little as one week!
  • Powerful, purpose-built system helps you manage every aspect of your IH program, not just your sample data
  • Includes sophisticated tools for qualitative exposure assessment, medical surveillance program management, laboratory and consultant data management, equipment tracking and maintenance, and a comprehensive chemical/OEL database

Don't miss our IH product demo!