GHS/HazCom: Maintaining Compliance and Preparing for Future Changes

Tues, Oct 15, 2019 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (ET)

The phase-in period for OSHA's first alignment with GHS is over, but your obligations are not. Getting and staying compliant is vitally important, especially given HazCom’s #2 ranking on OSHA’s most frequently cited standards list, and the Agency’s recent increases in penalties. Additionally, OSHA is currently planning to revise the HazCom standard to align with Revision 7 of the GHS, so you may need to be ready for new changes. It's more important than ever to understand the nuances of HazCom compliance and best practices to keep your workers safe.

This webinar will explain the GHS changes to the 5 key areas of HazCom, address common questions about SDSs and labels, and review recent regulatory activity surrounding the rule and potential changes coming once OSHA aligns the Standard with Revision 7. We'll also offer actionable steps for ensuring compliance and protecting your workforce.

Join us for this in-depth webinar where we'll help bring you up to speed with important HazCom topics including:

  • Changes to OSHA's HazCom standard following the first alignment with GHS
  • HazCom requirements for shipped labels, SDSs, and workplace container labeling systems
  • Recent and ongoing regulatory activity surrounding the standard, including proposed future alignments with GHS Revision 7
  • Best practices for ensuring compliance

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About the Presenter: Phil Molé

Before joining VelocityEHS, Phil served as Global EHS Coordinator for John Crane Inc., as a Senior Environmental Consultant for Gaia Tech, and Project Manager for Mostardi Platt Environmental. He has a B.S. in Chemistry and a Masters of Public Health. He was a NIOSH traineeship recipient (1995-1997) and is a member of ASSE and NAEM. His certifications include OSHA 30-hour training (2012), and ISO/OHSAS Internal Auditor Training (2012).